Our service is centred on the levers that underpin successful business outcome: 

- strategy & risk management - 

- contracting and commercial - 

- statutory compliance -

- people-agenda - 

- engineering & technology -

The terms of our unique offering:

Strategy & Risk

Owning the right plan


  • We know that a deep and balanced understanding of risk determines the priority of work we choose to invest in.

  • We are experts in effective risk management, through fit-for-purpose risk analysis and delivery accountability.

  • We support management of change process and important investment prioritisation activity for asset integrity and plant vulnerability, aligned with overall risk framework.

  • We deliver an independent view of risk as part of due diligence to client’s new ventures and capital market activity.   


Case study – Risk ownership

Contracting and commercial

Leveraging on the value chain & ad-hoc contracting to optimal results


  • We understand the real challenge of activity execution, the importance of strategic relationships and the power of true collaboration.

  • We support our clients achieve competitive contracting frameworks, leveraging integrated teams, sharp accountability and self-performance management.

  • When the plan is set, we have the expertise to integrate with our clients to lead the delivery of key activity.

  • Through our alliances partner companies, we can provide an independent view of project finance structures.


Case study – Win-win contracting


Engineering and technology

Peak technical performance


  • We know what quality engineering looks like and how to design for safe and reliable operations.

  • We support engineering processes that deliver measurable long-term value, that leverage experience and judgement in achieving balanced technical solutions.

  • We are intimate with the challenge of how to effectively implement enhancing and enabling technologies, including the timeframe of solution readiness and contingency planning.


Case Study – Contingency planning


Statutory Compliance​

Responsible operator


  • We provide an independent view of legal compliance processes to support our clients’ interface with regulatory bodies.

  • We have deep knowledge of obligations related to critical equipment for operations and leveraging mandatory third party independent verification activity

  • We support the agenda of a responsible and competitive operator, including statutory reporting and anti-bribery and corruption legislation.


Case study – Safety Critical


Empowering employer, engaged employees


  • People comes first in any organization and competence is the foundation a successful team. We develop efficient solutions for technical competence oversight and talent development.

  • We understand the importance of people empowerment and sharp accountabilities in project and operational situations. We support our customers in the effective ownership of activity and risks.

  • We help our customers work more seamlessly with contractors and supplier workforce. Integrated and energised teams with common purpose.


Case Study – Improving competency